Week 9…

It’s been a while since I posted and I lot has changed really.

The check in with my coach PT Shaun Gillespie went really well, and the weight is slowly going down. Even though the drop has not been huge, the visible difference is starting to appear and I’m beginning to see my abs for the first time in about 3 years!

The weights during my work-outs, though high-rep muscle burning sets, have gone up as well, so things are really looking up.

My stomach has been causing me a bit of trouble the last week AGAIN, and though I’ve been given a preliminary diagnosis of IBS I’m back at the Docs this morning to check in with her. I’ve following the diet she gave me to the letter so whether they’ll come up with something else or continue as I am for now, who knows.

This is the first time I’ve really stuck to a diet plan and a workout plan for a long time, other than my home-made power lifting one. Having someone to check-in with on a regular basis rather than just trying to regulate myself has been a god send – I’m a little too easy on myself! It’s also been nice to set a goal for a change, and actually have something like a competition date in mind. I found with previous training I wasn’t really aiming for anything other than just being able to lift heavier than the week before, which isn’t always the way to get decent results – I was also over-training and over-eating so ended up getting stuck in a rut. It’s amazing how I always told my clients off for doing the same, yet here I am…not listening to my own advice…

Onwards and upwards…


Training update – End of Week 4!

I should probably write on here a lot more than I already do. It seems lazy of me to not bother, but then I assume that no one is going to read it anyway and I just let it be.

I’ve reached the end of Week 4 on my training, which means weigh in is tomorrow and I’m dreading it. So far I’ve managed to lose about 2kg without doing cardio and my coach (though a grumpy motherfucker) has been pretty patient with me.

My workout has changed up from now, and the leg DOMS is seriously owwwwieeeeeeeeeee. Even going to pee has become my worst enemy right now!

It means that I’m no longer lifting heavy anymore which I know will drive me crazy and I’ll miss it, but anything to avoid the dreaded cardio! D: I haven’t done rep ranges of 15-20 for long ass time so my body is pretty much in shock right now.

Had a really good long talk with my Other Half this weekend, as I’ve been having a lot of doubts and panic about my life and where it’s going. I very much overthink things, and I just need to give myself some time to get back on my feet and just do the things I enjoy doing without beating myself up about it.

It’s been pretty brief, but thanks for reading. Until next time…

Keep on lifting!

Gym Bros…

So after two weeks out of the gym and barely beating due to stomach issues, I finally go back for a short leg workout. Only to nearly want to punch a gym bro in the face.

It’s been a real struggle in the last month. It started with stomach pain and feeling nauseous and kind of left it to go away on its own. Since then I’ve been back to the Doctor three times and awaiting an ultrasound this week so they can find out what’s wrong with me. It’s gone from appendicitis, to inflamed ovary, to IBS and now they don’t know. At the moment I’m getting seriously frustrated with it as I’m struggling to eat more than 500 calories a day, which is leaving me in a hangry rage 99.9% of the time.

By today I’d had enough and just went down the gym for the first time in a while with a splitting headache due to the heat and under eating, so I was already in a bad mood. In the middle of my Deadlifts, whilst I was taking my rest, some idiot muscles in and decides that he won’t ask how many sets I have left, or if he can work in with me…he just gets in my way and in my personal space. I’ve been a member of my gym since it opened a few years ago, and usually it’s a comfortable place to be and I never get bothered in any way so it was a shock to have some Bro muscle in and make me feel like a piece of shit.

Even so I held my ground and just waited for him to get bored of trying to muscle out a 5foot girl, like some asshole. I’ve pulled some good weight even though I’m not feeling well.

Deadlift 4×6 – 60, 65, 67.5, 67.5kg

Squat 4×10 – 40kg

(bodyweight 52.7kg)

Here goes nothing!

So just a little more background on me to start this whole blog off!

I grew up in a small village town, on a crappy little farm in the arse-end of nowhere, and have since moved to the big city (near enough!) and have never looked back.

Since I was a kid I was always aware of the fitness industry, but not in the same way that I know it now. Both my parents have always been overweight, my Mother has especially struggled with her weight and still does to this day. I have vivid memories of my Mother and her friends doing endless hours of Mr Motivator on VHS and taking part in all kinds of fad diets in an attempt to lose weight, only to just end up where they started. This yo-yo dieting is so bad for your body, and anyone I see doing stupid things like ‘juice cleansing’ or the ‘milk diet’ just give me a headache.

As a child I was an incredibly fussy eater and spent a lot of my time underweight, which continued into my teens. I spent a lot of time struggling with depression and anxiety before I even knew what they were – and other than self-harm – I used food as a way to control it. I often went without food for fear of getting big, but it also gave me some control; there was a huge period in my life where I just lived off coke and cigarettes.

For a long time I thought being fit just meant being thin. It wasn’t until I was in High School that I learned that it came in all kinds of ways; runners, lifters, rowers, sprinters, Olympic etc. I was never confident enough to go and try the gym however, so ended up never bothering.

When I moved to University I ended up gaining a stone and a half in 9 months, just through binge-drinking and eating absolute crap. I’ve never been so uncomfortable in my own body, and I felt like I’d lost control of it. There was a long period of my life where I stopped self-harming, and used food as a coping mechanism instead. If I was stressed or anxious I would restrict food and go some days eating only one meal, or if I was feeling low would go on binges and just eat what I wanted to drown my emotions.

Looking back at pictures of myself I was horrified, I couldn’t believe what had happened to my body after all this time, and I realised how awful I had been to it. So during that summer I started running, counting my calories and eating right; I was soon back to where I started.

I did get a little obsessive with cardio, completing the Insanity Workout a few times, running 6 times a week. When a new gym opened in my local area, I was amazed by the guys coming in there who were not only doing cardio, but were also lifting – I finally had the equipment available for me to try, but I was still too scared! It wasn’t until I bit the bullet and booked in a training session with a PT there that I fell in love with it.

It was like something inside me had finally clicked and I fell in love with power-lifting, and have never stopped. I finally found something I enjoyed, so much so that I get up at 4am to get my training in before work!

Doing my Personal Training qualification was one of the best things I’ve ever done, and I’ve used my knowledge to not only improve my lifestyle and health, but have also been using it to help others. Since a week ago, I’m now beginning to trial prep for a Bikini Competition, that way when I do it for real next year I know exactly how my body will react to both nutrition and training changes.

I’m currently taking on new clients, no matter what fitness level you’re at, so I can help you love fitness too.